Arkan Jaya Nusantara is company that has team support that experience almost more than 10 years in medical device specialist in Indonesia, especially for maternal and child health equipment, surgical instruments and ICU tools. Trust is very important in or business. Therefore with our experience, credibility and integrityWe provide and deliver the best quality medical device with excellent service and good cooperation.

Service and commitment have brought us into trust and loyalties being obtained from clients and sub dealer is being spread all over Kalimantan and East Indonesia.

Rapid growth of medical devices either from its technology or function is also influenced by huge Indonesian market due to the current recovery of health standard that needs to be revamped by good medical devices support. We believe


The trust has been awarded to us is our encouragement to improve our service quality and commitment to our clients. Therefore, we have been trusted to market and distribute medical device to many place in Indonesia, from both private and government sector that have been using our medical devices for health support or academic purpose.

benefits will comes when users are satisfied.

Arkan aims to establish the values of Indonesia namely trust and kinship, in building a strong partnership with our customers.





Our Services

We provide and deliver the good quality medical devices as needed. We provide consultation. We do after sales services with fast respond.

Our Team

Our team is very attentive to the needs of the development trend of the market, especially in the fields of medical devices, supported by our experienced technicians, work as professional and marketing personnel who work dynamically in providing the latest information to our clients on a regular basis, so that the users objective can be achieved and align.

Our Vision

To become a trustworthy and superior in providing medical devices with best-quality product and satisfactory services.


Philips intellivue MX400 9" Standard patient Monitor

The IntelliVue MX400 provides powerful monitoring in a highly compact, highly transportable unit. Supplying comprehensive patient information at a glance, it can make a real difference when multiple patients and priorities need attention.

Philips intellivue MX500 12" patient Monitor Basic Parameter
The IntelliVue MX500 combines powerful monitoring with flexible portability in one compact unit. Supplying comprehensive patient information at a glance, it can make a real difference when multiple patients and priorities need attention.
Philips intellivue MX700 15" patient Monitor Basic Parameter
Philips IntelliVue MX700 bedside patient monitor offers an expanded, real-time view of your patients’ vital signs. The integrated PC (iPC) option brings a host of clinically relevant information from your hospital’s intranet & applications.
Philips intellivue MX800 19" patient Monitor Basic Parameter
The IntelliVue MX800 is Philips first patient care solution to incorporate patient monitoring and clinical informatics. Designed to simplify access to patient information you need to enhance diagnostic confidence throughout the hospital.
Philips Central Monitor PIIC IX (16 Beds)
A powerful, real-time central monitoring system that offers your hospital easy access to information and a rich experience. It helps your organization deliver quality patient care.
Philips Stress Test System St80i
Philips ST80i 5ing System opens up new paths for productivity & decision-making. Its wireless design, bi-directional connectivity, and advanced decision-making support tools enhance data review, patient care, and efficiency



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